John F. Masinter
Personal Resume - 2021.02.15
9078 White Pelican Way, Littleton, CO 80126

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Apply my 25+ years of professional industry experience to provide technical leadership to a software engineering organization, including software architecture, development, quality and support teams. My personable communication skills build team camaraderie, and my deep technical experience and guidance produces high quality products. I am a U.S. Citizen, and have held many past security clearances, background checks, and polygraphs. I am willing to travel.


Apr 2007 - Present, McAfee, Denver, CO
Overview: Manage software architecture, development, quality and support for the world's largest software security provider. Our products repeatedly earn the Gartner Magic Quadrant in several industry segments. Managed local and remote software development teams.

Acquisitions & Relocations:

  • Oct 2020 - present,  McAfee Corp, Littleton CO, (McAfee Public IPO)
  • Apr 2017 - Oct 2020, McAfee LLC, Littleton CO,  (Intel divests McAfee, relocation)
  • Jul 2015 - Apr 2017, Intel Corp, Fort Collins CO, (transition to Intel employee, relocation)
  • Sep 2014 - Jul 2015, McAfee Inc, Denver  CO,  (relocation)
  • Feb 2011 - Sep 2014, McAfee Inc, Atlanta  GA, (Intel acquisition as subsidiary)
  • Nov 2008 - Feb 2011, McAfee Inc, Atlanta  GA, (McAfee acquisition)
  • Apr 2007 - Nov 2008, Secure Computing Inc, Atlanta GA, (initial hire)

Jan 2017 - Present, Software Architect & Senior Technical Leader
Transition from people management to dedicated technology leadership across many engineering groups. Provided technical leadership for software architecture & development for McAfee enterprise product engineering teams. Advise & assist with software design, development and troubleshooting for ATD (Advanced Threat Defense), NSM (Network Security Manager), DLP (Digital Loss Prevention), MWG (McAfee Web Gateway), MEG (McAfee Email Gateway), GTI (Global Threat Intelligence), DXL (Data eXchange Layer), TIE (Threat Intelligence Exchange). Assist with design and implementation of multitenant cloud SaaS versions of these products, and Docker containers with Kubernetes deployment on AWS, GCP, Azure, and an extensive private cloud on VMware vRealize across many data centers.

Aug 2009 - Jan 2017, Sr. Engineering Manager (software), McAfee Linux S/W Architect
Managed software architecture, development, quality and support teams. Handled all employee management, annual reviews, bonus, hiring and RIFs. Had overall product responsibility for several products:

  • McAfee Linux OS - MLOS is an in-house developed Linux distribution, purpose-built for use as the foundation of most McAfee enterprise security products in the Network, Content, Cloud, and Enterprise business units. This is 100% built from source, with 85% of source from CentOS and 15% from upstream. This has been through many independent certifications, including FIPS, Common Criteria, ITAR, FedRAMP, USGv6. Ref:
  • Linux Kernel - Maintain the Linux Kernel used by most McAfee enterprise products. This included configure, build, patch, and extend functionality. Developed drivers as needed for various applications, including enhanced RNG (random number generator) and test APIs.
  • McAfee Intel Super Tool - A live-boot USB & CD-ROM memory resident Linux system purpose built to provide the customer with easy to use hardware diagnostics. This is distributed with the McAfee enterprise server products of two large business units.
  • McAfee Common BIOS - An initiative to automate the build of BIOS firmware packages for the Intel servers used by 13 product groups. This system provides a web interface for groups to enter their BIOS requirements, and builds a BIOS package on-demand to speed the design/build/test/iterate development cycle.

Apr 2007 - Jul 2009, Software Development Manager, IronMail S/W Architect
Manage IronMail software development team with five direct reports. Chief architect and product responsibility for the "IronMail Lite" and "Edge" mail security gateway products. Developed in C/C++/Python, and run on Dell & Intel server appliances. Interface with support group, and manage customer escalations, to cover the full software lifecycle.

Nov 04 - Nov 06, Earthlink Inc., Atlanta, GA, Sr. Software Engineer
Designed and implemented new systems, maintained and expanded current systems of high volume server-side mail applications including SMTP, IMAP, POP, LDAP, and Proxy infrastructure. The SMTP application processed about 20 million messages per day. Our GigMail re-engineering effort allowed for efficient management of a 10 PB (petabyte) message base. I personally designed and implemented a proxy solution to authenticate and route all mail protocols. My skills contributed to a measurable improvement in quality and efficiency. Work was performed on Sun Solaris and Linux using C/C++, Python, and Shell. Group collaboration and cooperative development were used.

Nov 99 - Oct 04, Teletrack Inc., Norcross GA, Principal Engineer
Designed and developed multiple web applications to provide business functions and realtime access to backend credit reporting databases and telephony systems. All backend server solutions were developed in C++ under Linux and Windows. The apps utilized TCP/IP, ODBC, HTTP, and dynamically generated HTML reports. The static web forms and reports for the app were developed with HTML and JavaScript. Also developed an API library for distribution to clients of this service. The API authenticates users, accesses an RDBMS, communicates via TCP/IP and HTTP, and formats HTML reports. Also developed an app to access a legacy server via an IVR fax-back reporting system and a large number of DigiBoard serial ports for dial-up TTY modem access. Also provided external clients access to the legacy system via a TCP/IP API. These are high volume multi-user multi-threaded multi-platform applications using C++, Linux, SCO Unix, Windows 2000, GNU tools, SQL Server, asymmetric public key cryptography, symmetric crypto, MinGW, Win32 API.

Oct 97 - Oct 99, Innotrac Corporation, Duluth GA, Sr. Software Engineer
Designed and developed web applications to integrate with a legacy mainframe database system, warehouse automation equipment, and access functions and statistics of a large call center. These provide users with instant Internet access to the functionality of the legacy system. The web apps were designed from the ground up to be multi-threaded, distributed processing ready, and very high-volume capable. Also developed a warehouse shipping system to manage a database of shipments and control warehouse machinery via 64 serial lines. Used HP-UX and Sun Solaris, GNU C++, ORACLE, and Triple-DES encryption.

Sep 96 - Sep 97, Copper Mountain Networks Inc., San Diego CA, Software Engineer
Designed and developed an embedded HTTP (WWW) server and Telnet server for an OEM line of DSL routers. This included the development of a proprietary CGI language that allowed dynamic web page creation and access to the routers database. These applications allowed users to login and perform administration tasks on the router via the Internet. Applications were developed using WindRiver's C++ and VxWorks OS.

Jul 95 - Aug 96, BellSouth Advanced Networks, Atlanta GA, Software Engineer
Developed client and server Kerberos encryption software to access Radius and TACACS servers. Developed all necessary network communications software to centralize maintenance of this system. Various network communication tools were developed to manage and account for network access and usage. Developed a TACACS application for use by Cisco access products for the initial BellSouth.Net rollout. Kerberos work was performed on Windows and UNIX (Solaris 2.4-2.5) running on SPARC 5, 20, Ultra computers, HP E-9000 servers running HP-UX 9.x & 10.0 using HP C++ Protocols, used UDP, TCP, IP, RAS SSL, and DES encryption. Programs used Borland C++, GNU C++, SunSoft C++. Kerberos versions included: MIT V4 & V5, Cybersafe V5, and Cygnus Network Security V4.

1983 - 1995, Various Independent Contracts, Software Engineer
  • Jan 95 - Jul 95, SunGard Data Systems Inc., Atlanta GA, Software Engineer Windows, C++, ZAPP, Novell SPX/IPX, TCP/IP, OS/2 2.1 & 3.0, C-Set++, Novell SPX/IPX, TCP/IP, SQL.
  • Jan 94 - Dec 94, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Miami FL, Software Engineer WAN X.25, LU 6.2, Async Modem, MS-DOS C++, SPX/IPX, GreenLeaf CommLib, ZAPP, WinSock
  • Jun 93 - Jan 94, Microbilt Corporation, Atlanta GA, Software Engineer MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Borland C++, Low-level graphic drivers were developed.
  • Jan 93 - Jun 93, U.S. Sprint, Atlanta GA, Software Engineer Developed app on HP-UX to handle 200 in-bound async modems, implement protocol, drive database.
  • Sep 92 - Jan 93, Volunteer Hospitals of America, Atlanta GA, Software Engineer Developed database utilities, IBM RS-6000 using AIX, C, Business Basic, and the C-shell.
  • Jul 92 - Sep 92, Household Mortgage Inc., Atlanta GA, Software Engineer Maintenance legacy C app, Altos UNIX, simple proprietary database, mortgage calculation, lead tracking.
  • Aug 91 - Jun 92, Multimet Inc., Atlanta GA, Software Engineer Developed multi-threaded comm package, OS/2 2.0, 2.1. IBM C++, 64 modem DigiBoard.
  • May 90 - Aug 91, Total Business Computing Inc. , Tampa FL, Software Engineer Developed a multi-tasking real-time OS kernel to run on PC's. Microsoft C on IBM PC compatibles.
  • July 89 - May 90, Bear Automotive Co., Milwaukee WI, Software Engineer C app devel, IBM PC/AT, 80x86 assembly, reverse engineer MS-DOS, AT-BIOS, TSR pop-up apps.
  • Oct 88 - June 89, AFC Inc., Kenosha WI, Software Engineer Developed inventory control app, ISAM, ORACLE, AT&T UNIX V.3, NCR Tower 32, 48-user UNIX.
  • May 88 - Oct 88, Institute for Naval Oceanography, NASA Stennis Space Center Beta test, sys admin, C development on new mini-super computer Astronautics ZS-1, Berkeley UNIX 4.3.
  • Nov 87 - Jan 88, Eagle Technologies Inc., San Antonio TX, Software Engineer Analyze and report on Dept. of Defense Ada Software Repository. Fifty megabytes of code was analyzed.
  • Sep 85 - Nov 87, International Marketing Services, Lafayette LA, Programmer Developed statistics app, C on IBM PC and ported to a VAX 11/780 under UNIX system V.
  • Oct 83 - Sep 85, Gulf Industries Inc., Mandeville LA, Computer Consultant User support installation and trouble shooting of software and hardware in a PC environment


Operating Systems: Linux, RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, SUSE, Unix, VxWorks, WindRiver, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OpenBSD, OS X, UEFI, CP/M, DOS.
Cloud: Amazon AWS, Google GCP, Microsoft Azure, HPE GreenLake, Docker, Kubernetes.
Virtualization: VMware, ESXi, KVM, Xen, VirtualBox, Qemu.
Languages: C, C++, Python, SQL, Bash, JavaScript, Ada, Assembly (x86, 8051, Z80, more).
Communications: Technical Writing, Inter-Personal Communication, Semantics of Speech.


UL, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Sept 86 - May 87
BU, Brock University, Ontario Canada, (exchange student), Sept 85 - May 86
UNO, University of New Orleans, (summer session), June 85 - Aug 85
UL, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Sept 84 - May 85
LSU, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Aug 83 - May 84


Available for pre-qualified opportunities.